Well Pad Design

\CargodBeitzelProposalsExcavation Proposals2013Q513003 CNProblem:  Oil and gas operators strive to have as little impact on the environment as possible.  This can be accomplished by laying out the well location and drilling equipment as efficiently as possible. It can be difficult to achieve maximum efficiency without pre-planning and software-assisted layout.

Solution:  Beitzel Corporation can provide the design work necessary to ensure that locations are sufficient to accommodate any rig design as well as provide those results in a digital format for review. Should the location need adjustments or to be constructed, Beitzel Corporation owns and maintains a fleet of excavation equipment and can perform any excavation needs.

Utilizing the latest in global positioning technology, Beitzel Corporation is able to lay out a construction site accurately to a very tight tolerance.  Changes to plans can be edited digitally in the office and delivered to the field on the same day.  Equipment guidance systems can also be modified, keeping production on schedule. This enables Beitzel to duplicate the digitally proposed construction.
Once the pad is graded to meet customer expectations, Beitzel is available to assist with rig layout to ensure a smooth rig-up and operation.



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