MusterAlertThe MusterAlert is a wireless notification system designed to provide clear audible and visual warnings to personnel. Pressing the alert button on any MusterAlert station activates the horn and strobe light on all MusterAlert stations. This meshing technology helps ensure all personnel can see and hear the warning regardless of their position relative to other equipment. Solar powered and line powered models are available to suit a variety of applications. At its simplest; the MusterAlert system stands alone but may be integrated with gas monitoring or other systems to provide automatic site-wide notification.


  • Pressing alert button on any station activates horn and strobe on all stations until released
  • Pressing the test button on any station chirps horn and strobe on all stations for 10 secondsMusterAlertPortableUnit


  • Horn: 111dB at 10′
  • Light: 2M Candlepower strobe on 20′ mast
  • Radios: 900MHz mesh network
  • Power: AC or Solar
  • Battery Backup




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