Fire Suppression

The Fire Suppression teams at Pillar Innovations have the experience, knowledge, and training to provide code compliant fire suppression and alarm systems with superior performance. Pillar staffs fire suppression designers with NICET level certifications along with manufacturer certified trained technicians.  Pillar is a turn-key fire suppression source from consultation, design, installation, commissioning, and inspections.

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Pillar can handle a wide range of fire suppression installations including water based, dry chemical, clean agent, and special hazard applications. Some installations include:

  • MCC, Server, and Control Rooms
    • Detection through traditional fire and smoke alarms or advanced air sampling systems for early warning notification
    • Suppression options that are clean, safe, and environmentally friendly include Vortex and other clean agents.  Supports life and some do not require room integrity for operation.
    • Hydrants
      • Design and install underground piping for strategic hydrant locations
      • Fire Extinguishers
        • Sales and Service of portable fire extinguishers and dry chemical for mobile equipment
        • Industrial Buildings
          • Warehouse and Maintenance Garage sprinkler systems for wet or dry applications
          • Office building sprinkler coverage
          • Stamped drawings submitted to Fire Marshal or other AHJ

Custom Solutions:

  • <FM> Approved flexible sprinkler design for ease of maintenance near access panels
  • Custom fire pump installations for remote locations or locations with poor water supplies
  • Multi-zone Vortex/Clean Agent systems for MCC and control rooms

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