• Excavators in the backyard
  • …are dangerous on the job site
  • …increase environmental exposure due to leakage and spills of cuttings material
  • …require a large footprint on the pad, reducing the flexibility of rig setup
  • …are inefficient and lead to inconsistent cuttings flow


  • The Mudster
  • …removes the need for secondary handling equipment thereby eliminating the risks associated with machines
  • …reduces the opportunity for material spillage leading to a cleaner and safer work environment
  • …requires less space leading to increased flexibility and efficiency in rig layout
  • …meters feed rate for peak processing efficiency
The Mudster

The Mudster


  • Cost competitive with current methods that aren’t as safe & efficient
  • Storage tank holds 140 barrels of material
  • Proven technology
  • Material feed rate is infinitely adjustable between 0-190 barrels per hour
  • System can feed process equipment 200 ft. away and up to 30 ft. above the unit
  • Patent Pending U.S. Patent Office #61/618,872

Learn more detailed information from The Mudster Case Study.
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