Beitzel Corporation’s Excavation Division owns and maintains the region’s finest fleet of heavy equipment.   Heavy equipment mechanics are on-call 24 hours a day to keep jobs running smoothly.

Beitzel’s superintendents and foremen have years of construction and excavation know-how.  The Company has a track record of exceptional performance that allows customers to rest assured that the job will be completed professionally, safely, efficiently and expediently.

Beitzel owns and maintains a fleet of excavators ranging in size from mini excavators to 180,000-lb. mass excavators. The Company also offers 40-ton off-road haul trucks as well as a fleet of dozers.  These range from light, precision-guided six way blade dozers to straight blade dozers.

Beitzel Corporation can mobilize this equipment quickly utilizing their truck tractor fleet.
The latest in global positioning technology allows Beitzel Corporation Excavation to design a construction site and then accurately execute the plan to within 1/10th of a foot. Changes to plans can be edited digitally in the office and delivered to the field on the same day. Equipment guidance systems can also be modified, keeping production on schedule.


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