mobiletowerThe oil and gas industry, particularly in mountainous shale plays, deals with barriers to effective communication on a daily basis. From rigs nestled between mountains to extensive pipelines through wilderness, providing reliable voice and data connections is challenging.

Pillar Innovations welcomes the challenges provided by the oil and gas industry. Pillar’s communications team has successfully implemented communications systems in rugged terrain, harsh conditions, and in coal mines miles underground.

The significant investment required to operate rigs, compressor stations, and pipelines leaves no room for downtime. Pillar’s technicians are available around the clock to deal with any unforeseen issues. Strategically located warehouses across the country also offer emergency stock of spares and supplies.


  • Wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint
  • Cellular and Satellite solutions
  • Two-way radio repeaters and handhelds
  • Fiber optic networks
  • Personnel tracking and monitoring

Don’t trust your critical data and networking to telecom companies. Call a company that understands 24/7 support.


Pillar offers tower solutions that address many of the concerns facing the oil and gas industry including mobility, cost, and ease of maintenance. From site prep to installation of radio equipment hundreds of feet above the ground, Pillar offers turn-key tower solutions and service.

Rapid Deployment – Pillar Telescoping Mobile Towers (TMT) can be deployed in as little as thirty minutes after arriving onsite. With a maximum height of 106 feet, these towers are ideal for temporary construction or emergency response needs. The TMT may also be deployed as a proof of concept to help oil and gas operators assess their communication and security options.

Ease of Maintenance – For semi-permanent or permanent installations the eSAT and eCAT line of articulating communications and solar towers offer a unique combination of fast installation, ease of use, and the safety of never requiring a technician to climb a tower.

Cost Effectiveness – Permanent installations with limited maintenance requirements may not require the flexibility of the eCAT or TMT. For these applications Pillar offers traditional telephone pole, lattice, or monopole solutions.


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